A Manifesto for Earth (HTML 42.6 Kb file) (Mosquin and Rowe)

A Manifesto for Earth (PDF 2.5Mb file) (Mosquin and Rowe)

M A N I F E S T O per la Terra Italian translation (trans. by Guido Dalla Casa)

Manifiesto por la Tierra Spanish translation

Ein Manifest für die Erde German translation

Манифест Земли Russian Translation (trans. by Victor Postnikov)

Маніфест Землі Ukranian Translation (trans. by Victor Postnikov)

Comments on the Manifesto (John A. Livingston)

Editorial: Un manifiesto centrado en la Tierra (ecocéntrico) Translated From Above (John A. Livingston)


What on Earth is Environment? (Rowe)

Ecosphere Thinking (Rowe)

The Ecology of Cities (Rowe)

The Roles of Biodiversity in Creating and Maintaining the Ecosphere (Mosquin

Wilderness as Home Place (Rowe)

Deep Ecology Platform; Moving it from Biocentric to Ecocentric (Rowe)


The Living Earth and Its Ethical Priority (Rowe)

An Earth-Based Ethic for Humanity (Rowe)

Feeding People versus Saving Nature?(Rolston)

Ecophilosophy, Ecosophy and the Deep Ecology Movement: An Overview (Drengson)

Ethical Ecosphere (Rowe)

Ecocentrism; The Chord that Harmonizes Humans and the Earth (Rowe)

This is your Mother Calling (Rowe)

Ethics and the Sea (Rowe)

Values Deep in the Woods (Rolston)

Environmental Ethics: Values in and Duties to the Natural World (Rolston)

On Behalf of Bioexuberance (Rolston)

Global Environmental Ethics: A Valuable Earth (Rolston)

Creation: God and Endangered Species


Technology and Ecology (Rowe)

Beauty and the Botanist (Rowe)

Ecocentrism and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (Rowe)


Home Place, Exploring Human Ecology (Waterhen Films)

"The Ecology of Eden" by Eisenberg (Rowe)

Deeply Green Book Guide (Irvine)

"The Sand Dunes of Lake Athabaska" by Jonker and Rowe(Whyte)


Planet Earth (Page)

The Blind Men and the Elephant (Page)

Anguilla rostrata (Schueler)


Biological Fallacy: Life = Organisms (Rowe)

Marine Protected Areas: A Human-centric Concept (Orton)

The Fearful Notion of being Reasonable (Mosquin)

Anthropocentric Science Fiddles while the Earth Burns (Mosquin)

Sensing the Inherent Values of Natural Ecosystems (Mosquin)

It's on the Ground, Stupid (Mosquin)

The Sirens' Song of "Balance" (Poulton)

Terrorism is as Terrorism Does (Captain Paul Watson)

Clarification on Where Director Paul Watson Stands on Various Issues (Captain Paul Watson)

Kyoto, Biodiversity, and the Hypocrisy of World Leaders (Mosquin)

Celebrating the Ecosphere

Suggested Text for an Invitation (Mosquin)

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An anthology of ecological, philosophical, spiritual, economic and cultural articles, editorials and reviews exploring the values of the planetary Ecosphere, its ecosystems, communities and wild species - as the natural and time-tested source of a new and compelling "Earth Ethic" for humanity. 

This Web Site provides an introduction to ecocentrism, an emerging new way of seeing ourselves - Homo sapiens - in and on this Earth. Here, students of the relationship between humans and Nature will find a wide range of material exploring the Earth-centred philosophy from many valuation perspectives. 

Ecocentrism has been described as post-humanism, for it transfers the reality-spotlight from humanity to the Ecosphere, from the part to the whole. This outside-the-human focus brings with it new standards for thought, conduct and action on such seemingly intractable problems as world population, urbanization, globalization, maintenance of cultural diversity, and ethical duties to the Ecosphere with its varied natural ecosystems and their wild species. 

The ecocentric ethic provides a new basis from which to examine the questions of how we should value the natural Earth and its systems and of how people should live. 

Ecocentric ethics can also provide moral guidance to corporate and government policy makers and to individuals around the world for undoing the enormous past crimes against Nature, and for building economic systems and communities that are in harmony with the time-tested laws of the Ecosphere.

Ecocentrism recognizes that the Ecosphere, rather than organisms, is the source of life, of creativity, of evolutionary design, and of all meaning. 

Human value systems have traditionally been inward-looking, preoccupied with the immediate concerns of the individual, and by extension, of society and culture. Ecocentric valuation invites a broader, outward-looking viewpoint. 

Questions are raised and some answers provided about the mysterious and miraculous Blue Planet upon whose creativity, stability and health the life, evolution, and well being of all organisms depends. 

We hope you will enjoy and learn from these many writings - which are intended to increase in number and scope in the months and years ahead. 

Please feel free to print out any of the material from this web site and to use it as a basis for discussion in your high school, university class or adult study group. It is requested that users of this material acknowledge the original published sources which are provided with each item.

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"EARTH, the dynamo of LIFE, with its swirling clouds, its running rivers and ocean currents, its slow-moving crustal plates and, in the midst of it all, the Organic Dance!"                                                Photo by NASA