How to Celebrate the Ecosphere

By Ted Mosquin

The Editor of this web site is pleased to present a model letter of invitation which anyone can use to invite friends and family to celebrate the inexplicable wonders of Earth's Ecosphere. The letter is self-explanatory. Please feel free to use the provided text or graphics or add and edit to suit your needs. Celebrations can include appropriate readings, song and music - and of course, fine food. Ecosphere Celebrations can be held at any time of the year

An Invitation to an Ecosphere Celebration

You are cordially invited to join the [Name here] family and friends in celebrating the life, health, beauty, harmony, creativity, and unity of the Ecosphere, its natural ecosystems and its wondrous variety of creatures large and small - and in giving thanks to this living Earth, our only Home

The Ecosphere the whole living Earth.....

button  the Lithosphere - the Earth's mantle and interior - which provides all nutrients, maintains the nitrogen balance in the air, creates the beauty of lands and seascapes, and provides the permanence of the world beneath our feet - gravity, soil, rock, plains, mountains, valleys - tectonic plates and, deeper down, moving molten lava - the source of volcanoes and magnetic fields;

button  the Hydrosphere - oceans, rivers, lakes, ice, water vapour, rain, hail, snow, clouds, fog, evaporation, condensation, moisture in life;

button  the Atmosphere - air for breathing, breezes, wind, storms, lightening, thunder, tornadoes, hurricanes, protective ozone in high places;

button  the Biosphere - the wondrous variety of organisms, from submicroscopic to huge, in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems; the richness of co-evolved symbioses, the grace of movement, harmony of design, and the creative ecospheric processes that have worked timelessly over eons in ecosystems and organisms to create the Ecosphere as it came to be;

button  the Thermosphere - energy from the Sun; good temperatures for living and loving; and

button the Ethics-sphere - the idea of learning the reasons for and the ways of valuing and caring for the many parts of the Ecosphere - by working to protect and restore its natural ecosystems, and to save from extinction the wild species whose ancestors made this Garden of Eden come to be.

The day: [day, month, date, time] 11 AM to 4:30 PM (Lunch at 12.00)

Food: this is a vegetarian pot luck occasion

Location of Celebration:
[your place]

Please RSVP to:
Telephone Number and <email address>

...Looking forward to seeing you!


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